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Seth Had an Embarrassing Accident Involving an Electric Scooter

Seth tells the story about his trip to Indianapolis, where he had a disastrous encounter with an electric scooter. » Subscribe to Late Night: more

John Cena Takes Over Day 6 of 12 Days!

"Bumblebee" star John Cena was doing such a great job handing out the incredible gifts for 12 Days of Giveaways, Ellen graciously let him take over fo...Read more

Watch Now: Tracking Hurricane Florence 2018 | Live Updates

Hurricane Florence, a Category 2 storm, has started lashing North Carolina, with tropical storm-force winds carrying drenching bands of rainfall onto some beach...Read more

Ice Cream | Basics with Babish

This week on Basics, things take a turn for the sweeter because I'm making ice cream. We're going to try a few different techniques that vary in difficulty, but...Read more

Police: Newspaper shooting was a targeted attack

A shooting this afternoon that left five dead was a targeted attack on the Capital Gazette, said Anne Arundel County Acting Chief William Krampf....Read more